May 25, 2012
March 17, 2012

We changed our band name.  Please watch this video.

December 16, 2011

Timoth and his drums.

Tim tracked drums for a two new songs today. Set up 11 mics in the living room this afternoon.

Tim tracked drums for a two new songs today. Set up 11 mics in the living room this afternoon.

November 30, 2011

Be a part of our FIRST MUSIC VIDEO!

Want to be a part of our first music video? We need your help!

We’ll be shooting in the San Fernando Valley this Saturday, December 3rd in the early evening. We need your help for a few hours. 

If you would like to be a part of the video, please send the following information to

1.) Your name
2.) Your age
3.) A photo of yourself
4.) A phone number/email where we can reach you

Please let us know how many people you plan on bringing with you. If possible, please include a photo of them as well. We’ll send you more information ASAP. Adult refreshments will be provided (if you’re over 21.) Let’s make this a party! See you Saturday!!!

August 30, 2011
It’s all about the beard stripes…

It’s all about the beard stripes…

August 29, 2011

Here’s a handfull of photos from last night’s show in West Hollywood @ The Whisky A Go-Go with our friends in Farewell Fighter and Culprit.  Thanks to everyone who made it out!  Definitely one of our favorite LA shows in a while.  You guys are amazing.

ps - thanks for the photos Laura B. & Slammy D. ;)

August 19, 2011

At the end of our summer 2011 tour, we got to stop by Taylor Guitars in El Cajon, CA for a tour of their factory. Here is some footage I took during our visit. 

Taylor sent us a couple acoustic guitars last year after you guys voted for us in their TestDrive Acoustic Competition. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP! Seeing where our guitars were built was an awesome experience. This video might help you get behind the scenes, but stop by for the real deal next time you’re in San Diego!

Thanks again to those of you who voted! You’re all amazing and we’re truly grateful! :D

Thanks Taylor!

Acoustic performances using our Taylor guitars:

"Queso, I Have An Idea" -
"Tell Me If I’m Wrong" -
"Wouldn’t Change A Thing" -

August 9, 2011

Here are a few shots of Jud and I jamming on our new Taylor solidbody electric guitars.  These things are so much fun to play and they sound beautiful.  You’ll be able to hear them on our new record.  :)  Can’t wait to start playing on these at shows!!


August 8, 2011

We made some amazing friends this summer.  Here are some group shots from tour.

I have to credit Jon from The Material for a majority of these.  Anything that looks like it wasn’t taken on an iPhone 4 belongs to him, haha.  Thanks Jon!

On the last day of our July tour, Jud and I were lucky enough to swing by the Taylor Guitars Factory in San Diego for a tour.  We had a blast seeing how these instruments are made.  It answered a ton of questions for us.  So much work is put into these guitars… it’s really amazing.  There are so many sets of hands & machines that work on each instrument before it’s handed to us perfectly finished, set up, and intonated.

Check out a few photos from our factory tour.  If you’re ever in San Diego, try to stop by the factory!  The tours really are amazing.  And if you’ve never played on a Taylor… pick one up, it’ll blow your mind.  Both their acoustics and their new solidbody models.


Some pretty shots from a roadside stop in Washington…

Random group of photos from our recent tour…

There’s a mighty impressive plank followed by NYD’s Uhaul they got stuck with after their van broke down.  Some had to ride in the back with no ventilation or AC. Troopers!

August 7, 2011
Spent some time in santa monica with our buddies in blackhounds

Spent some time in santa monica with our buddies in blackhounds

August 5, 2011

Random live shots of Tim being a frontman, The Material, and New Years Day from my iPhone…